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FixMyPC was specially designed for Windows 8 and can perform
full diagnostics and a selection of fixes in the free version.

How To Get Your Error-Free PC Bаck
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Issues Our Users Were Able To Fix

PC rebooting randomly
“It was horrible not knowing if I’d have a chance to save my work before my PC decides to reboot itself. I tried all kinds of programs and none of them worked. FixMyPC was the one that finally stopped the reboots and made my PC usable again.”
Shelby R.
Boston, MA
Error messages popping up
“Since I started using FixMyPC, I haven’t had a single error message pop up on my computer. A huge difference from what it was like a month ago, when I’d count 5 to 10 error pop-ups in a single evening session. I used to dread having to be on my home computer, and now I love using it. All thanks to your wonderful program. Thank you TweakBit!”

Darryl L.
Vancouver, BC
PC freezing/not responding
“My computer would stop responding when I least expected it. It would just sit there and make this sound like it was doing something. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del had no effect, I had to hold the power button down to shut it down. FixMyPC was recommended to me in a forum and I’m glad I downloaded it. The program found hundreds of stability problems on my computer and fixed them all the first time. I couldn’t believe the difference – not only does my PC not freeze anymore, but it works like new now.”
Glen H.
Melbourne, Australia
Applications not responding
“The main issue I was looking to fix was several applications on my PC randomly freezing and not responding to any commands. To this day I have no idea what kind of magic FixMyPC used on my computer, but I don’t have this problem any longer. To me it’s worth the time I spent searching for a solution online, since otherwise I wouldn’t have found this software.”
Bruce A.
Tallahassee, FL

Expert Reviews

FixMyPC doesn't just repair registry problems, but improves your PC's security... Using the program on an error-ridden machine restored smooth performance in one run.

Sam Kappelsky,
Ready to enjoy a fast and stable PC? DOWNLOAD NOW

FixMyPC was specially designed for Windows 8 and can perform full diagnostics and a selection of fixes in the free version.

Additional information

FixMyPC scans your computer for the following types of issues: invalid registry issues, fragmented files, internet connection settings, windows tweaks and unused services.

The free version enables limited proactive performance protection, while the full version, which can be bought for $29.95, lets you fix all speed issues and provides you with 4 proactive performance protection tools.

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